What is Startup Grind?

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 50 cities and 15 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies.

The Berlin chapter is the only German chapter of Startup Grind and dedicated to bringing a series of inspiring talks with top entrepreneurs to Berlin.

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Third event:
Holger Weiss

Our third event will be on March 26th, 7pm at St. Oberholz.

We are proud to announce Holger Weiss (CEO AUPEO!, gate5) as guest for third event.

Holger is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience managing various tech-driven companies focusing on consumer-centric services.

He helped develop gate5, a global leader in mobile navigation software, which was acquired by Nokia in 2006.

Today, Holger is the CEO of AUPEO!.

AUPEO! is the leading provider of personalized audio streams for internet-capable hardware devices and offers radio stations that compile an individual music program for users and recommend songs to them. Part of their success is their focus on passive audio content solutions for the connected automotive market. AUPEO! was acquired by Panasonic in April 2013.

Holger is also an active business angel and startup mentor involved with companies in Germany, the UK and the US.

We are excited to welcome Holger on stage to share his story with us and look forward to learn more from his entrepreneurial path.

The interview will be led by Christoph Raethke. Christoph has been working in the digital industry for over 17 years. He has run two semesters of the Founder Institute and is the founder of the Berlin Startup Academy — Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator. In addition to that, Christoph is a frequent speaker at international events and renown for his critical and thought-provoking views.

Our event takes place in the St. Oberholz apartments. As the central meeting point of Berlin's digital scene, there could be no better setting for our intimate “fireside chat” interview format.

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Please note: The interview will be conducted in German.

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Why bring Startup Grind to Berlin?

Berlin's startup community is blessed with a great deal of events each week. Before deciding to bring this format to Berlin, we asked ourselves whether there was a need for yet another one.

We think that the intimate, in-depth interview format of Startup Grind will be a high quality addition, valuable for the entire community.

Educate, inspire, connect.

We want to establish a platform where entrepreneurs can share their challenges and help each other — where they can connect with other entrepreneurs, interested investors and startuppers.

The Berlin chapter team of Startup Grind will do their best to actively support this collaboration between the Grinders active at our events.

Substance matters.

When trying to build a sustainable business, substance matters more than hype.

Our line-up of speakers consists of local founders or investors of proven success, sharing their unique experience. Each event will center around a specific topic depending on our speaker's background and expertise.

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The team

Florian Krumb
Chapter Director

Florian is passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Almost two years ago he moved to Berlin, digital capital of Germany, to work as an intrapreneur for an incubator. In this role he helped big companies build their digital business. Since that time he fell in love with Berlin and the buzzing entrepreneurial community. At the moment he is working on a new startup project. Originally he has a strong background in business development, recruiting and sales.

His goal with Startup Grind is to bring the community a valuable event-platform to educate, inspire and especially connect the right people with each other to help entrepreneurs bringing their startup journey ahead.

Francesco Kirchhoff
Community Manager

Rome-born, Berlin-based Francesco is a caffeine addict who toils away day and sometimes night as a freelance UX designer and project manager for various web agencies and startups in Berlin in order to support his tragic habit.

He is to blame for the community management of Startup Grind's Berlin chapter.

Christoph Räthke

Christoph Räthke tried and failed to build his first startup in 1999/2000 and has been working with the digital industry ever since. In 2006, he began freelancing as an innovation advisor for big and small companies. From 2008 to 2012, he co-founded and hosted Mobile Monday Berlin. In 2010/11, Christoph ran two semesters of The Founder Institute.

Since 2011, he has been hosting the Startup Day at the annual webinale conference. In 2012, he started mentoring at Startupbootcamp and Deutsche Telekom’s “Hubraum” incubator and accelerator, at StartupWeekend, StartupLive and international conferences. Christoph founded Berlin Startup Academy in summer 2012, and as of November 2013, the second batch of five awesome new companies are on their way to establishing world-changing businesses.

Paul Smoletz

I am 33 years old and work since 16 years in the area of finance and sales. In 2007 I graduated from Campus Institute Munich as Financial Business Administrator (FH). Since 2 years I found my passion to support many well-known startups in Berlin. I worked in several positions such as entrepreneur, head of sales, co-founder and freelancer.

In addition to work I started my hobby photography and film with my own startup VIPFaces 17 years ago.

I am happy to be a team member of Startup Grind Berlin and to have the possibility supporting the project with creative input and my experience.

Mirco Streicher

I am 26 years old and graduated from University of Groningen (BSc International Business and Management) in 2012. I am fascinated about innovative business models in the world of entrepreneurs.

I operate a startup myself, which offers a variety of multimedia solutions. Founded in 2007 bluhd.de is my longest project. I am very passionate joining the Startup Grind community and to enlarge the horizon of my work.

Judy Baur
Event planning

Judy is our specialist for events and administrative tasks. With a masters degree in international tourism management and long-time experience in the service industry she will be able to support us in everything related to our events.

Judy currently works as the management assistant for the European market leader in hospitality and travel management. One of her projects is related to the soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Alex Guski

Alex's life and work is as much about music, art and creativity as it is about the music biz, production, sound-engineering and software.

Born and raised in Hannover, after a 4-year detour in the Netherlands for studying, he moved to Berlin in 2011.

Besides his work as a freelance composer and producer for commercial production music, he is steadily building a network of commercial and non-commercial projects and constantly keeps an eye open for ideas that have potential to revolutionize the music industry.

For Startup Grind he takes care of the audio-recording and live-sound, which consequently will be awesome.

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