What is Startup Grind?

Startup Grind is about success and failure, educating and inspiring, personal stories and lessons learned on the way to building great companies.

It is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs, hosting monthly events in 100 cities and 42 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors. Startup Grind Berlin is dedicated to bringing a series of inspiring talks with top entrepreneurs to the German capital.

Next event:
Andi Thümmler

Our next event will be on August 5th at 7pm in the Sankt Oberholz apartments.

To call Andi Thümmler (Founder and CEO, Corporate Finance Partners Group) unique would be an understatement. He embodies the “work hard, party hard” better than anyone: reknown for his outrageous parties and eccentric anecdotes involving a Darth Vader costume as well as for an impressive list of deals managed by CFP, which includes most of the biggest exits in German startup history, including Brands4friends, DailyDeal, Jamba, Qype, Xing, and Zanox.

Demonstrating a taste for the finer things in life as well as unmatched business acumen, privately Andi has recently built his own whisky destillery — while CFP, now in its fifteenth year, is now expanding globally, keeping its strict focus on the tech sector and mid-size deals.

We are looking forward to welcome Andi on stage to share his story and give you the chance to connect with him afterwards.

The interview will be led by Christoph Raethke. Christoph has been working in the digital industry for over 17 years. He has run two semesters of the Founder Institute and is the founder of the Berlin Startup Academy — Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator. In addition to that, Christoph is a frequent speaker at international events and renown for his critical and thought-provoking views.

Our event takes place in the St. Oberholz apartments. As the central meeting point of Berlin's digital scene, there could be no better setting for our intimate “fireside chat” interview format.

Get your ticket:

SOLD OUT. Event starts at 7pm at Sankt Oberholz apartments, Rosenthaler Str. 72a, 10119 Berlin (Mitte). Interview starts at 8pm.

Our location

St. Oberholz apartments

Live as if you were a real Berliner: Crystal clear lakes, palm-lined beaches, historical sights and landmarks – this is what you won’t find at Rosenthaler Platz. What we have to offer is something rather different: a fresh breeze of WiFi blows up high into our sophisticated third and fourth floor apartments. Enjoy urban comfort and the exceptional St. Oberholz style for either peaceful contemplation or vibrant city life as well as for busy meetings and conferences.

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The team

Florian Krumb
Founder & Director

Two years ago, when Florian was faced with the choice between a highly lucrative career in the financial capital of Germany or the pursuit of his love of startups and entrepreneurship, he demonstrated his poor decision-making skills by choosing the latter, moving to Berlin to work as an intrapreneur for an incubator. Since then, he fell in love with the city and its buzzing entrepreneurial community.

His goal with Startup Grind is to bring the community a valuable event series to educate, inspire and especially connect the right people with each other and to help entrepreneurs move their startup journey ahead.

Francesco Kirchhoff
Communications and stuff

Rome-born, Berlin-based Francesco is a caffeine addict who toils away day and sometimes night as a freelance UX designer and product manager for various web agencies and startups in order to support his tragic habit.

He is to blame for the site and some of the writing for Startup Grind's Berlin chapter.

Christoph Räthke

Christoph tried and failed to build his first startup in 1999/2000 and has been working with the digital industry ever since. In 2006, he began freelancing as an innovation advisor for big and small companies. From 2008 to 2012, he co-founded and hosted Mobile Monday Berlin. In 2010/11, Christoph ran two semesters of The Founder Institute.

Since 2011, he has been hosting the Startup Day at the annual webinale conference. In 2012, he started mentoring at Startupbootcamp and Deutsche Telekom’s “Hubraum” incubator and accelerator, at StartupWeekend, StartupLive and international conferences. Christoph founded Berlin Startup Academy in summer 2012, and as of November 2013, the second batch of five awesome new companies are on their way to establishing world-changing businesses.

Paul Smoletz

Paul has 16 years of experience in finance and sales. He graduated in 2007 from Campus Institute Munich as Financial Business Administrator (FH). A few years he discovered his passion to support many well-known startups in Berlin. He has worked in several positions such as entrepreneur, head of sales, co-founder and freelancer.

In addition to his work he has been pursuing his hobby in photography and film with his own startup VIPFaces for the past 17 years.

As a team member of Startup Grind Berlin he looks forward to the possibility of supporting the project with his creative input and experience.

Mirco Streicher

Mirco is 26 years old and graduated from the University of Groningen (BSc International Business and Management) in 2012. He is fascinated by innovative business models in the world of entrepreneurs.

He operates his own startup, which offers a variety of multimedia solutions. Bluhd.de, founded in 2007, has been his longest-running project. He looks forward to enlarging the horizon of his work within the Startup Grind community.

Judy Baur
Event planning

Judy is our specialist for events and administrative tasks. With a masters degree in international tourism management and long-time experience in the service industry she will be able to support us in everything related to our events.

Judy currently works as the management assistant for the European market leader in hospitality and travel management. One of her projects is related to the football World Cup in Brazil this year.

Alex Guski

Alex's life and work is as much about music, art and creativity as it is about the music biz, production, sound engineering and software.

Born and raised in Hannover, after a 4-year detour in the Netherlands for studying, he moved to Berlin in 2011.

Besides his work as a freelance composer and producer for commercial production music, he is steadily building a network of commercial and non-commercial projects and constantly keeps an eye open for ideas that have potential to revolutionize the music industry.

He takes care of the audio recording and live sound at Startup Grind events, which consequently will be awesome.